Benchmark PDM goes to Sweden for Training

Tue, May 26, 2015 by Benchmark News

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Recently, some employees were sent to Sweden to get some additional product training on geometric laser measurement and vibration measurement.

The first stop was Easy-Laser headquarters just outside of Gothenburg. 

They were given some training on the E970/E975 Roll Alignment system. In the photo above, they are measuring the rolls on the table for parallel in both the horizontal and vertical directions. This type of measurements are taken in the plastic, printing and paper industies everyday around the world. Other Geometric Measurement training was given inlcuding bore alignment for diesel engines, stern tubes, extruders, etc. Easy-Laser have many different geometric measurment systems and can customize a system specific to a company's measurment needs. For more info go to our geometric page here.

After their time at Easy-Laser, they went to Linkoping where VMI AB have their headquarters.

VMI AB specialize is vibration measurement and have a line of instruments ranging from basic condition monitoring all the way through to vibration analysis. They also focus on permanent vibration testing and balancing. 

This is a prototype of a tablet-based display unit of a new balancing instrument. 

At Benchmark PDM, we make sure our employees are all trained properly so they can give the proper guidance on our range of products whether it is laser alignment systems or vibration measurement. If you are interested in Easy-Laser or VMI product training email us at or visit our training page here for more information.