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A Letter from our President...

Hello, and Welcome to Benchmark PDM online! To get a better understanding of who we are you need to know more about me. My name is John Lambert and I served an apprenticeship in Mechanical Maintenance at Fazakerly Engineering in Liverpool, England.  After emigrating to Canada in 1973 I worked in the Aero Industry and Fiberglas manufacturing.  I have held many positions from millwright and maintenance mechanic, to lead hand, maintenance foreman, supervisor and superintendent as well as training instructor. As a training instructor I implemented Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) and Total Quality Management (TQM) into the engineering and maintenance department. In 1994 I started my own business - Benchmark Maintenance Services Inc. - specializing in rotating machinery installation, training, service and equipment sales.

Our company continued to grow and expand and in 1996 I am proud to say we became and still are Canada's National Distributor of Easy-Laser® Alignment and Measurement systems. This equipment is used for Shaft and Belt alignment as well as geometric measurement applications designed for specific industries such as Saw Mills, Machine Tool & Fabrication industries, Windmill Tower manufacturing and even the Shipping industry.  We have systems designed for specific applications such as turbines, diesel engines or extruders (bore alignment), roll alignment (Steel, Pulp & Paper, and Plastic Industries) or we can customize a system specific for your application. With these precision systems you can measure for level, straightness, flatness, square, parallel, plumb, etc. 

Our Core Business is training. We started out teaching shaft to shaft alignment using dial sets in either Rim and Face or Reverse Dial procedures. It has now developed into a complete machinery (pump and motor) installation training course and we now offer one and two day programs. Our programs are designed to be very practical, hands on, “nuts and bolts” approach to training. We sell the most economical and easy-to-use laser alignment systems in North America: the Easy-Laser®. I am pleased to say it is our strong background in training that makes the difference for us in laser sales. We can show the end user what is behind a laser system and what technology is being used. This leads to a clear understanding of what is being done during the alignment process. The training is often customized to suit the customer’s machinery or equipment application. What we are trying to do with all our training is change the mindset from a maintenance program that says, "That’s close enough", to one that says "it has to be done right the first and only time". 

Dofasco (Arcelor-Mittal), City of Toronto and Ontario Power Generation are just three companies where we have trained literally hundreds of tradesmen in each company. I have conducted training on offshore oil rigs, steel and paper mills, at chemical plants and cement plants, gold mines (even underground) and many more industries. I have participated at many maintenance conferences and maintenance roundtable discussions. On numerous occasions I have been selected as the number one presenter at the Plant Engineering and Maintenance Conference (PEMAC). 

We have recently changed our name to Benchmark PDM (Precision Driven Maintenance) which reflects our philosophy that in order to improve your work processes, you have to use Precision Maintenance concepts. This means that you have to work to a set tolerance of the machine that you, and your team agree on. The tighter the tolerance the better the result; but you cannot have a tolerance that you cannot measure. Precision maintenance means up-skilling your people, getting the right tools but also the right training. Its machinery acceptance standards, precision balancing, alignment, base flatness standards, the removal of machine stress, etc.  Most importantly, it’s commissioning to a standard and documenting the process. Visit our training page to get a better understanding of Precision Driven Maintenance and to find out what what the M.A.A.D process is all about. 

We look forward on continuing to work with our industry partners by providing excellent Service, Instrumentation and most importantly Training.


With Best Regards,


John Lambert